USEF Developing Rider Training Session, Day 2

Another great day here at FTF! Today started with a jumping seminar on theory and technique, and then we started in on the group lessons. I rode Wort over fences for the first time in over three months and he was pretty darn good! DOC had me improve my lower leg position and was encouraging me to unlock in my body. Also, a huge personal struggle of mine is seeing what David calls “the next” – preparing for and reacting to what is going to happen in ten strides, as opposed to only thinking about what is happening now. So it’s practice, practice, practice for me!

A huge perk to being a part of this training session is getting to watch some of this year’s High Performance riders school their horses with David, as well. It is SO educational!

Tomorrow is more dressage in the indoor – can’t wait!!!

EN’s recap from Day 1:


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