USEF Developing Rider Training Session, Day 3

Another amazing day!! The morning started with a lecture on dressage technique and test riding strategy; DOC talked a great deal about ring-craft and using the corners to prepare for movements and give yourself more space in the arena. Then we moved onto more group lessons….and more drill riding! Today we upped the ante and did lateral work and turns in drill formation and I think it’s safe to say there was marked improvement from Day 1.

Later in the afternoon, we each performed an individual FEI 2** or 3*** test in front of David, who scored us, went over the test with us, and then had us re-ride it with his guidance. I have to take a moment to brag because Wort, for having all winter off and only 15 days back in work, tried his little heart out. It did not go unnoticed by DOC, who also complimented my technique in several areas. However, he was not satisfied with the quality of Wort’s canter this afternoon and helped me improve his jump and impulsion. I also need to work on increasing the angle of my shoulder-in!!

This evening, Dayna Lynd-Pugh hosted a spaghetti dinner at her house and we had a great time mingling, relaxing, and sharing Zach Brandt’s bday cake. A great day!!


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