USEF Developing Rider Training Session, Day 4

Holy cow. I think it is finally sinking in that I just spent the week with the US Olympic coach!! I have never been more inspired to be the best I can be an represent the United States on a podium someday. DOC has a way of making you want to beat the best riders in the world….on your bad day!

Today’s lessons were all about cross country exercises (in the ring) and we started the day by discussing the theory of cross country riding and when and why you ride different canters. DOC stressed the importance of developing a consistent “American style” of riding and during our lessons had us utilizing our gallop position and preparation position as we approached fences.

After finding myself often riding too quietly to fences, today I was actually riding too forward into some of the combinations with Wort; DOC wanted to see more of a change in the canter as I approached technical questions. Wort was very obliging and I think I started to get a feel of thinking about “the next” today and thinking ahead of my riding. I will still needs lots of practice. :))

At lunch we had the privilege of listening to Dr. Jack Snyder talk about the common injuries in performance horses, recognizing lameness, how to present horses at FEI jogs, and we also discussed the current USEF and FEI drug regulations.

Now I am on my way home and I have a huge grin on my face thinking about how much fun I had this week learning, riding, and goofing off with all the other developing riders. I really felt like we were all part of a team already, and I can’t wait until March’s training session!

I have several people to thank for helping me make this trip and even get to this point in my riding. Mostly my mom, Teresa, and my dad, Jim. They have always supported me in so many ways, I can’t count them. M-P Ranch Services and Cedarhaven Performance Horses have made a big difference by leasing me an AMAZING rig to haul in. Heritage Performance Gloves, Equine Comfort Products, Meditrax, Ride on Video, Revitavet, Frilly Fillies Ear Bonnets, and Sonoma Saddle Shop have also all been wonderful sponsors and I can’t thank them enough.

Until next time, happy trails!!!
Katy and Wort


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