USEF Developing Rider Training Session, #2

Wow! Just got off of Poof after an amazing dressage lesson with David O’Connor!

David was happy with the overall quality of our work, but naturally wanted to put that next level of polish on everything. We worked on forward-back transitions to warm up, pushing for more collection with each transition. From there we worked on some elements of the Advanced test, focusing on “ringmanship” to get the best score possible. One area of focus was riding the corners accurately, which carried over to everything else we worked on, including changes, half pass, and walk pirouettes. Poof was excellent and a total gentleman today. I think DOC is pleased!

Click Here to watch videos of the session

doc lesson

My mom and Poof’s owner, Teresa Groesbeck, will be happy to know that David thinks Poof should he a 28-31 horse in dressage 🙂

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 11.09.53


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