Review of Adeptus Nutrition Seminar

First of all, I would like to publicly thank a few of the people who have already contributed in various ways to my upcoming trip to the Event at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Montana:

Jim Groesbeck
Joe Fanucchi
Mary Starling
Debbie Lawrence
Lori Lauver
Beth Cannon
Peggy Ingles/North American Arabian Sport Horse Assn

Each and every cent goes a long way toward supporting Wort and Poof and our goals! THANK YOU!

In other news, Dr. Colleen Wilson from Adeptus Nutrition came to speak to us today at KingsWay Farm. And boy was it educational!!! Not only did she explain each of her products, but she explained why they are formulated in particular ways and how they are metabolised and digested by a horse. With a PhD in equine nutrition, she clearly knows her stuff, and she was able to explain everything to us in a completely palatable way (haha get it!?).

Did you know that horses are hind gut fermenting herbivores?? Most of the horse’s digestive processes take place in the secum, and Dr. Wilson explained that this is why ALL Adeptus products are made with a yeast culture PREbiotic base to protect and support the “healthy bugs” that break down food in the secum. Many of us are familiar with probiotics, but these are typically broken down very quickly in the stomach and never live long enough to benefit the horse’s GI tract.

Furthermore, if you are interested in supporting your horse’s joints, you should really consider adding Adeptus to his diet. While injectible Legend and Adequan are great products, you can further support joint health by adding a daily dose of one of Adeptus’s “Nimble” products, which feature LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT HYRALONIC ACID. Large molecules of feed-through HA, found in many other competing products, are simply passed through in the urine; Adeptus is unique in that all of its various ingredients are selected to be completely digestible by the horse. 

Want to learn more? Check out

In the meantime, here are some pictures of our guests enjoying today’s seminar! Thanks to everyone who came today for making it an informative and fun afternoon 🙂






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