Copper Meadows HT

Copper Meadows was a wonderful event! Taren and James Atkinson have done an incredible job with the facility and their fantastic group of volunteers makes each event run like clockwork. The courses all looked and rode beautifully.

Poof and Wort ran the Advanced and Intermediate, respectively. Although they were both feeling frisky on the flat, they behaved and performed well; they were both sitting in respectable positions after their tests.  However, it was a bit of a mad scramble getting off of Wort and onto Poof for showjumping – I had to make a mental effort to get my head in the game and prepared to ride Poof over fences. We have been practicing hard at home, and after our last double-clear outing I was wavering between nervous to show we could do it again and confident that we could.

Poof came through, AGAIN! He jumped beautifully and steadily around the course, but an overly-aggressive ride on my part into the last combination cost us one rail at the last fence. However, I was overwhelmed by the heart of a horse who at 18 years old is changing his style and learning to go better and better, as if he were 8.

Wort came out for his second ride of the day ready to impress. He cantered around his Intermediate course as if it were cross-rails. A biiiig flyer to an oxer caused quite a gasp from coach Hawley, but luckily Wort is a little flying horse and came through with an easy double clear, looking for bigger fences to jump. Poof and Wort sat third and second overnight, respectively.

Sunday dawned cool and brisk, the perfect type of morning for cross country! Poof left the box with a big open stride and never faultered once around the turning and rolling course, cruising home with lots of run left and looking for more course. It was hands down the best cross country ride we have shared, and it made me feel really confident for my ride on Wort.

Wort was WILD waiting for his turn, and the ever-wonderful Don Trotter allowed us to go to the box early.  He flew around like it was training level, as quick and brave as he has ever felt. It was incredible to feel that little horse gallop around again after a long absence.

The weekend ended with a blue ribbon for both my boys, several good lessons learned, and areas to work on before Rebecca Farm! All of my sponsors played a huge part in their success, and I think there was a little bit of luck in the fancy blue bonnets that Nancy Dein at Frilly Fillies Ear Bonnets made them! Adeptus Nutrition keeps them fueled; ECP, Heritage, and Sonoma Saddle Shop keeps us clothed; FLAIR and RevitaVet keep them going strong; and Meditrax and M-P keep us all going down the road. My mom continues to support my dreams and Hawley helps me see them come true. Go Team!


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