Thank you to my many friends and supporters!

Wow! The list of people I have to write Thank You cards to is growing daily! I am so appreciative of the unbelievable amount of support and generosity shown by those around me; very inspiring! I am hoping this year’s Rebecca Farm will be one for the books 🙂

I would like to publicly thank a few of my current supporters, financial and otherwise:

Terry and Linda Paine, KingsWay Farm
Dr. Joe Fanucchi, Meditrax
Jim Groesbeck
Alexandra Tapley
The Robinson family
Mary Starling
Beth Cannon
Debbie Lawrence
Lori Lauver
Amy Swanton Mills
Dr. Susan Bauer
Sue Church, Elegant Accents (Spur Straps by Sue)

In addition, I owe a lot to Hawley Bennett Eventing, Temeku Equine, and Tim Shannon (Tim’s Horseshoeing) for their help with my horses getting prepped for the event.

And not to forget my other ever-amazing sponsors: FLAIR, Equine Comfort Products, Ride On Video, RevitaVet, Adeptus, Sonoma Saddle Shop, Heritage Gloves, Revere Saddlery, and Frilly Fillies Horse Bonnets,!

Who did I forget?! Let me know!


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