Looking for Great Holiday Gift Ideas?

As we approach the Winter Holiday Season, be sure to treat your loved ones (and your horses!) to some extra special gifts.


Want to give your BFF a little extra pizzazz to her show turnout? Order her a FULLY CUSTOM Frilly Fillies Ear Bonnet! Nancy Dein hand-makes each bonnet to your specified dimensions and colors, and you can even chose the fabric for the ears! Add beading, rhinestones, or custom logos for even more sparkle.
Frilly Fillies Ear Bonnets


Want to upgrade your friend’s riding experience? Treat him AND his horse to an Equine Comfort Products Cotton Correction Pad so he can create a customized fit with ANY saddle! Combine it with an ECP Grip Tech Pad and he and his horse will be show-ring ready!
Equine Comfort Products


Can’t afford diamonds? Get the next best thing: custom Spur Straps from Elegant Accents! Tennis bracelets are out, boot bling is in – don’t let your girl get caught riding out of style!
Elegant Accents Facebook Page


Tired of your loved one complaining about cold fingers while doing barn chores? You could offer to do them for her, OR you could get her a really nice pair of Heritage Winter Gloves! Better yet, do both πŸ˜‰
Heritage Performance Gloves


Of course, if you want to make a really big gesture, you could go all-in for a custom Revere Saddle. I hear Santa’s elves are incredibly talented saddle crafters πŸ˜‰
Revere Saddlery


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