Rocking Horse II

Wort relaxing before XC in his ECP pad and Revere Saddle.

Wort relaxing before XC in his ECP Grip Tech pad and Revere saddle.

Although I was a bit disappointed with my riding on Friday, Wort put in a huge effort all weekend to finish 2nd in Advanced A at Rocking Horse II. Today I went out of the box focused on riding around with a consistent rhythm and pace and before I knew it we were coming home under time and barely breathing — he really felt amazing everywhere and I could feel our homework paying off!

Be sure to check out thehorsepesterer’s footage of Wort this weekend here.

Big thanks to some of the sponsors who made this weekend possible, including FLAIR Nasal Strips, Revere Saddlery, Equine Comfort Products, Adeptus Nutrition, and Frilly Filly Ear Bonnets, just to name a few!

Until next time,



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