Bromont or bust!

After a great weekend of jumping at BDJ with US Eventing show jumping coach Silvio Mazzoni, we are excited to be on our way to Bromont! Wort will be running the CCI3***.  

Due to international data plan restrictions, my phone will be off for most of the trip but you can follow the event at http://


Rocking Horse II

Wort relaxing before XC in his ECP pad and Revere Saddle.

Wort relaxing before XC in his ECP Grip Tech pad and Revere saddle.

Although I was a bit disappointed with my riding on Friday, Wort put in a huge effort all weekend to finish 2nd in Advanced A at Rocking Horse II. Today I went out of the box focused on riding around with a consistent rhythm and pace and before I knew it we were coming home under time and barely breathing — he really felt amazing everywhere and I could feel our homework paying off!

Be sure to check out thehorsepesterer’s footage of Wort this weekend here.

Big thanks to some of the sponsors who made this weekend possible, including FLAIR Nasal Strips, Revere Saddlery, Equine Comfort Products, Adeptus Nutrition, and Frilly Filly Ear Bonnets, just to name a few!

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Roman Place’s first dressage test

I was very happy with Ruler’s attitude today. On a chilly day with lots of activity he remained workmanlike and willing. There is definitely still a lot to be improved upon, but I think we are off to a really good start in the dressage ring. I am very happy with how much more comfortable and confident he got as he went through the test, and he was clearly very pleased with himself as we walked back to the trailer. We are working now in a rubber snaffle to encourage him to reach for the contact and feel confident at the end of the reins, and each day I can feel a little improvement.

(Video by David Frechette)

And might I add, check out that walk?!

2014 U25 Training Camp





(Photos by Joanie Morris, David Frechette, Nora Battig)

Just crawled in bed after a fantastic week at Training Camp with DOC and the Developing Rider/Eventing 25 team! I was incredibly fortunate to be selected for a second year, and although it was helpful to be a veteran of the program, David continues to expand and improve upon existing frameworks to bring us new and creative challenges.

In addition to two days of dressage drill riding, a day of show jump riding, and another day of cross country schooling, this year’s camp was also rich with interactive seminars on a multitude of topics, including stable management, feed and nutrition, sports massage and physiotherapy, shoeing, veterinary care, grooming and show turnout, and also a very motivating talk by Buck Davidson on what it takes to be a successful business person in the equestrian world as we each start to venture into the professional world.

David’s emphasis in all three phases was the need to become more systematic in our riding, teaching, and training at all levels. He wants us to think about the consistency in our training programs as we move forward and potentially go on to train others. 

The final day of camp will allow the U25 members to have individual dressage lessons with David, but Nora Battig and I will be at Rocking Horse with the BDJ crew for our second outing of the year.

More updates soon!

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