Lipstick Piggy

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Lipstick Piggy (“Piggy”) is a 2010 Jockey Club mare who was bought off an Illinois track late in 2016 by Katy’s close friends, Kim Wendel and Tom Wendel of Wendel Veterinary Services. Kim made sure that Piggy had a smooth transition from track life and did her initial retraining.

Although she had intentions to train and compete the mare herself, Kim generously handed the reins to Katy when Katy fell on some hard times in her personal training program and became in need of a competition horse. Katy began working with Piggy in April of 2017, and it did not take long at all to see that Piggy would be a top horse. In addition to her stunning good looks, Piggy is from a line sired by Pleasant Colony, known for producing top jumpers; there is no doubt she will be turning heads in the show ring!