Outrageous Dance

Outrageous Dance (“Jimmy”) is a 2012 OTTB owned by Paul Wolff (WolfSystems Inc.) and Carrie Rose of Parker, Colorado in partnership with Katy. Carrie brought Jimmy off the local Arapaho Track in the summer of 2016 and saw to his “let down” before Katy began working with him in January 2017.

Jimmy is a petite horse – short-coupled and fine-boned and standing at 15.3 -but he has a huge heart and desire to please. Although Jimmy is energetic and full of spunk, he is a sweet and easy-going horse and a total pleasure to have in the barn. Everyone who handles him quickly falls prey to his boyish charm.

Jimmy completed his first horse trial at the Beginner Novice level in July of 2017. He has since competed successfully through the CCI4*S level of eventing and 1.30m jumpers.