WV American Pie


WV American Pie (“Pie”) is a 2015 OTTB owned by Brett Robinson and Katy Groesbeck. Katy’s good friends, Kim and Tom Wendel, DVM., helped Katy bring Pie off an Ohio racetrack in February of 2018.

Pie immediately caught Katy’s eye when she saw his leggy stature and swinging gaits; with Kim’s help, she was able to bring him to Colorado as a future eventing prospect. Once he got off the trailer, Katy was even more impressed with Pie’s confidence and easy, free way of moving.

Pie is still very young and physically immature, so it will be quite some time before he enters the show ring. However, Pie has already won Katy’s heart with his happy-go-lucky attitude and pleasant demeanor; he has proven to have an outstanding brain and be very receptive of training. Katy can’t wait to see what he does in the future!