Katy has an innate and intuitive ability to know what is right for each horse at their level of training and she is able to come up with unique strategies for each horse and in fact really seems to enjoy treating them all as individuals, puzzling it out, and not just treating them as a “ride”.

Katy has impressed me over the 3 years I have known her for her attention to detail, thoroughness and her exceptional horse handling skills both on the ground and in the saddle. She has an immense desire to attain her goals and has been scrambling the last few years to make them a realization. She is mature far beyond her age.

 – Debbie Lawrence, “Zebedee”

As an adult amateur competing at the lower levels of dressage and eventing, Katy has greatly improved my feel as well as my understanding of the basics of horse training. Breaking down the movements and aids into very specific, doable steps, Katy has given me many “light bulb” moments in lessons. She doesn’t just tell you to do something, she explains how to do it and why you should be doing it! She has given me so many excellent tools for dealing with my hot, yet stubborn, mare. Katy’s teaching style is patient, calm and encouraging, but you and your horse will give 100% as she urges you to be the best you both can be.

Katy not only possesses a gift for riding, teaching and horsemanship, but she is also a kind, engaging, positive person, possessing a warmth and humor which makes her a joy to work with and spend time with. She is a also a complete professional – talented, punctual, trustworthy and honest. I highly recommend Katy for the training of both horse and rider.

– Amy Swanton Mills, “Africa’s Secret”

Amy and "Africa"


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