LEGIS Equine

Horsemen know horses are not a one-size-fits-all experience. Each horse requires an individual approach. At LEGISequine, we look at insurance the same way. Our clients have their own individual needs and circumstances, and it is our goal to find the best solutions for everyone. Katy has trusted LEGIS Equine with all of her insurance needs since 2010!

The LEGIS Team embodies our motto of “Horsemen Insuring Horsemen.” We are horse owners, riders, officials, event organizers, board members, and so much more. Our lifetime experiences with horses, combined with our knowledge in the insurance field, allows us to bring our clients the best insurance and risk management solutions.

Our LEGIS Team will work with you to tailor optimal insurance and risk management strategies to meet your specific needs. We provide insurance coverage for:

  • Equine Mortality and Theft
  • Equine Medical and Surgical
  • Equine Loss of Use (Equine Permanent Diasability)
  • Private Horse Owner Liability
  • Commercial & Professional Equine Liability
  • Property Insurance for Farms & Ranches
  • Tack & Equipment (Personal & Professional)
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Care, Custody or Control Liability
  • Riding Instructor and Trainer Liability
  • Riding Clubs & Horse Show Organizations
  • Horse Shows & Events
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Umbrella & Excess Coverage

With LEGISequine, you will have a highly qualified team member to help you with your insurance every step of the way — from your very first policy to every change in horse ownership or business model. We are a phone call or e-mail away.

LEGISequine: Horsemen Insuring Horsemen.